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Learn from my spiritual journey on how I started creating intuitive healing art for myself. In this step-by-step 20-page PDF you can learn how to immerse yourself in your natural creative flow, get in the zone and tap into your subconscious mind to create intuitive art for self-healing.

  • Gain valuable insight into your soul and self-healing path.

  • Bring subconscious knowledge into your conscious awareness.

  • Engage in inner healing work in a fun, creative and relaxing way.

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    Want To Discover Your True Authentic Self?

    A personal Reiki Art Soul Path Portrait is a unique, creative and powerful way to connect with your inner essence and authentic self. It's intuitive healing art that reveals your current soul's path and near future, Divine wisdom and life's purpose. 

    Pick your Reiki art soul portrait style

    Reiki-infused art • healing your soul

    Life Path Number Soul Portrait Acrylic Painting

    9"x12" acrylic abstract painting Reiki Art Soul Path Portrait

    galaxy spiral and sparkles white icon

    Energy Soul Healing

    Works with your subconscious mind and energy field.

    heart chakra white icon

    Chakra Healing

    Helps heal and realign your chakras via color healing.

    eye with person inside the pupil looking out white icon

    Soul Path Discovery

    Assists in discovering your current and future soul's path.

    Do you feel like you're not on track with your soul purpose?

    You don't feel passionate about your life anymore. You feel unfulfilled and desire to do something more meaningful.

    You feel like you're just going through the motions or you feel any of the following:

    • Bored and stuck

    • Repeat painful cycles

    • Low energy

    • Lack of insight

    A Personal Reiki Art Soul Portrait can help

    A personal intuitive Reiki-infused soul path portrait can help you get unstuck by helping to unblock and dissolve negative energy blocks, patterns or karma in your energy field. It serves as a visual map of your current soul's energy path and is specifically created to heal your energy field and chakras in order to align with your Divine true soul's path.

    Your personal Reiki art soul path portrait is a visual aid or tool that helps you connect with your subconscious mind and communicate with your energy body or field through simple visualization. 

    It's a fun, easy and relaxing tool that you can use for inner self healing or reflection, and for practicing self care and mindfulness.

    Additionally, it helps raise your energy vibration and fortify your personal energy or aura as it is infused with high vibrational universal healing Reiki energy.

    In turn, helping to align you with your Divine light, wisdom, intuition, soul's passion, talents, dreams, goals or aspirations, desires and values. All of which can help you find and attain your soul's purpose and true happiness in life.

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    5x8 inch color pen markers Reiki Art Soul Portrait

    5"x8" color pens Reiki Art Soul Path Portrait

    Tune into your Soul's Energy, Path and Purpose

    Let your energy flow freely to align with your soul's truth and wisdom

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    Reiki Art Soul Path Portraits

    Reiki art soul portraits are visionary intuitive Reiki-infused art of your soul's path for inner self-healing. They are high vibrational colorful abstract artworks that capture the essence of your unique soul's energy and path.

    They're created by channeling your personal energy vibration via Reiki Distance and translating it into colors, shapes, symbols and messages which communicate with your subconscious mind, energy field, higher self and soul to heal emotional wounds, chakras, and enhance your goals and dreams.

    They're a great focal point for meditation, self reflection, and visualization for self-healing, personal growth and self-improvement.

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    Subconscious Healing

    To activate your subconscious healing power, you can practice simple visualization with your Reiki art soul path portrait. Just gaze into your soul portrait for 5 to 15 minutes every day or night to connect with your subconscious mind and energy body. This will help get your subconscious wheels rolling for your soul's healing. You will also receive a PDF with visualization tips when you order your soul portrait.

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    Elevating Vibration

    By engaging with this form of art, your vibration is raised, allowing your energy body to attain greater clarity and flow more freely within your energy field. As a result, you become more open and receptive to your Divine intuition and inner truth. This beautiful synergy helps realign you with your soul, guiding you towards your true path and soul's purpose.

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    Dream State Healing

    It is common to recall vivid healing or lucid dreams related to your personal soul path portrait, as the subconscious communicates through symbolism and colors. By gazing into the portrait for a few minutes before bedtime, you may enhance this effect. In fact, it is possible to engage in problem-solving during your dream state and remember the insights upon waking.

    Your soul and path is unique and Divinely orchestrated, a masterpiece that should be celebrated and displayed as a work of art!

    A Reiki Art Soul Portrait is more than just a piece of art. It's a reflection of who you really are and what you came here to do. It's a tool for self-discovery, self-healing and transformation.

    Pick Your Reiki Art Soul Portrait Art Style

    Choose from an acrylic painting or color pen markers artwork. Both exhibit distinct styles, yet they are equally effective for providing insight, inner healing, and transformation.

    Completion of personal Reiki art soul path portraits typically ranges from 2 to 6 days. S&H included.


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    Meet Your Intuitive Reiki Healing Artist

    Hello and welcome! My name is Alice and as a visual artist and Certified Reiki Practitioner, I bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience. During my studies at SVA in NYC, I delved into a diverse art education that encompassed psychology, symbolism in art, and dream interpretation.

    I also hold a Reiki Level II Certification in the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing, and I've accumulated over 18 years of expertise in conducting both in-person and online Reiki energy healing sessions.

    Driven by my innate empathic and clairsentient abilities, as well as my passion for energy healing, I was guided by a higher calling to merge my visionary intuitive art with the transformative healing power of Reiki energy. Through this unique fusion, I am able to establish an energetic connection with individuals at a distance, to co-create personal intuitive healing Reiki art soul path portraits that resonate with their individual soul and inner healing journey.

    Get your personal healing soul path portrait >

    Painting a personalized soul path portrait

    Intuitive Reiki-infused Soul Path Portrait

    Watch the video below to discover how I craft a personalized intuitive Reiki Art Soul Path Portrait painting using acrylic paint on canvas paper.

    Pick your Reiki Art Soul Portrait style

    What Are The Benefits Of A Personal Soul Portrait?

    These are some of the things you can expect from getting your own personalized Reiki Art Soul Path Portrait.

    Soul Healing Insights

    Engaging with your personalized Reiki Art Soul Portrait provides valuable insight into your present and future soul's healing journey. Over time, the symbolism within the artwork resonates with you, leading to a deep understanding and conscious awareness of your position on your inner healing path. Additionally, as part of the experience, you will receive at least one typed page containing intuitive messages that I receive from my spiritual guide specifically for you.

    Self Empowerment

    Revel in the empowering realization that you possess innate abilities, inner strength, and intuitive wisdom to facilitate your own self-healing. Over time, the Reiki-infused art aids in the release of negative energies which help you to break free from detrimental karmic cycles that are no longer beneficial or relevant to your present life. Embracing this process enables you to cultivate a more positive and fulfilling path moving forward. Moreover, this new self awareness and knowledge expedites your soul's journey to attain your true Divine soul's purpose more quickly and painlessly.

    Unmask Hidden Challenges

    Through its transformative energy, this Reiki-infused art serves as a valuable tool in bringing to light any hidden or unclear issues that may elude your conscious awareness. It facilitates the healing, releasing, and unblocking of these specific challenges. Moreover, should my spirit guide reveal an important aspect or stubborn challenge that requires transmutation for the highest good of your soul, I will undertake this healing process without any additional charge, with your higher self's permission and share the details of this in your intuitive messages.

    Heal Painful Emotions

    Your personalized Reiki-infused art plays a vital role in assisting you with coping and processing challenging, painful, or traumatic emotions that have resulted in energy blockages within your energy body and chakras. By unblocking and healing these areas, your soul path art facilitates the smooth flow of energy, allowing you to effortlessly progress towards your happiness, soul purpose, and ultimate destiny. It provides a supportive pathway for emotional healing and personal growth in a fun, creative and natural way.

    Chakra Healing

    You will experience the transformative power of Reiki-infused art, designed to energetically clear, heal, unblock, and align your chakras through the use of healing color therapy. As a result, your aura or energy field becomes fortified, enabling you to establish healthy personal boundaries. This newfound strength prevents the recurrence or attraction of past painful experiences into your life, allowing for a renewed sense of harmony, wholeness, and well-being.

    Awaken To Your Divinity

    Embrace the transformative power of your personal Reiki-infused soul art, as it aids in your awakening by elevating your vibration and fostering a deep connection with your own Divinity and unique Divine gifts and talents. Additionally, it may serve as a catalyst for becoming aware of and establishing energetic or spiritual connections with your spiritual guides, ancestors, angels, or totem spirit animal guides. This profound connection enhances your spiritual journey and allows for guidance and support from higher realms.

    Our Clients Love Their Healing Soul Path Portraits

    They experience considerable insight into their soul and healing path.

    ''I instantly felt a deep connection and fascination with my soul portrait. Love it!''

    Zack White • New York

    ''I could immediately feel the high vibration and noticed that my painting had an aura! Thank you!''

    Emma Lee • Florida

    ''I began connecting the images together and could see my story unfolding! Highly recommended.'' 

    Elena Torres • New York

    ''I felt a peaceful calm throughout and gained a lot of insight about myself and healing path. Thank you so much.''

    Janie Kurtis • Colorado

    Frequently Asked Question's...

    When can I expect to become consciously aware of my soul's healing path?

    Experiences may vary, as we are all different and unique in our own ways. However, your inner healing begins when you piece together the images and symbolism within the artwork, leading you to recognize your soul's story almost instantaneously. Also, because factors such as mindfulness and consistent inner work vary between individuals it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months for becoming consciously aware of your soul's inner healing path. This allows for a gradual and natural unfolding of self-awareness and understanding.

    Do I need to journal my inner healing process?

    To enhance your inner healing process and bring subconscious knowledge into conscious awareness, I do suggest that you engage in visualization and do some journaling. Then continue to journal your dreams upon waking, capturing as much information as possible. Emphasize your feelings within the dream and include drawings of any remembered images. This practice expedites the healing journey, facilitating deeper self-understanding and self-discovery.

    Will I be getting a Reiki healing?

    During the creation of your healing Reiki art soul portrait, you may notice a sense of soothing and peaceful energy. It's important to understand that this experience is different from receiving a complete Reiki Distance healing session. While the artwork carries the essence of Reiki energy, its primary purpose is to serve as a visual representation and catalyst for healing. If you desire a Reiki Distance healing session, separate arrangements can be made to address your specific needs. Please feel free to contact me via email to inquire about this.

    Do I need any special skills?

    No specific skills are needed to engage in this process, apart from a willingness to be mindful and attentive to your energy field and physical body. Trusting yourself and your inner knowing is essential, as is practicing patience with your inner self-healing journey. By cultivating these qualities, you empower yourself to navigate the process of personal healing and growth. And, it's an empowering feeling to know that you can consciously work towards your highest timeline and best version of yourself in this fun creative way.